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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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she was preparing for another round of classes this year. here is how the areflt went down. special ops unit an officer spotted some young people hanging out. he went over to them. they looked sus spishus. here is the sargeant with what happened then. >> you thought perhaps they're be involved somehow. i'll teal see fit pans out. he stopped and contacted them. and located a loaded firearm. he determine that had individual is a prior felon that. is a separate felony. >> they're in the saying that whait was that convince that had officer, he was interrogated and he might have confessed we don't know that. he had that loaded firearm. they're not saying if the
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firearm was involved in the shooting death of chico. the da filed formal charges of murder in this case. that is the very latest from san jose. >> vic, thank you very much this, is a live picture of a vegetation nir orinda. they're having a tough time getting to flames because you can tell from this live picture it's in a remote area. sky 7 is going to give you a look at the fire later on in this newscast. there we go. it could spread because it's difficult to get to. >> friends and family of a missing oakland woman after announced a major reward to help find her, her friends and
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family suspect foul play. because they say she has a daughter she would never leave behind. >> sandra coke has so many friends it wasn't hard to raise the money this, afternoon we have learn that had she left her home sunday to go to the drug store and now, we know she never returned. >> him here with several members of my family. we will not leave until she is found. >> that is sandra coke's sister surrounded by a few of her many friends. they gathered to announce the $100,000 reward along with a tip line they hope will help locate sandra. the 50-year-old last seen by her daughter on sunday night. she left the house. she left to go to the drug store on her daughter's bee haifl, hours later her
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daughter called me, frightened. >> her friends believe she may have got kren a phone call, perhaps they say to meet someone who apparently had information on her missing dog. the dog stolen in may when her home was burglarized. the family says it wasn't the first time sandra had gotten a call from someone about her missing dog. a friend said one caller tried to extort money from her, police found her car, empty in an oakland parking lot. her work cell phone discovered nearby. personal cell phone tracked to a location in richmond. yesterday oakland pd went into her home to look at her computer. she'd used an online dating service before. she works in sacramento. >> we are remaining optimistic she's being held someplace against her will but is safe. and that she will be rushed to
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us. >> her family and friends have posted flyers in her neighborhood there is a facebook page, find sandra coke. her friends don't think what she does for a living had anything to do with her disappearance. family and friends twoontd put up more flyers now, more family members are coming from back east. we're told her horj will travel from ohio tomorrow. >> okay. thank you very much. here is a number for the tip line the family and friends established today. there is also an e mail address. find sandra coke @ g >> develops nug nus on the amber alert for a suspected killer who may have kidnap aid teen-aged girl from san diegoy1
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area. detectives believe james lee dimaggio may be armed with explosives and believe he may be traveling to canada with hannah anderson. a driver near seattle reported seeing a blue nissan versa matching dimaggio's. the body of her mother and an unidentified child found in demath yes's burned out home. authorities have not made a positive i'd ix on that second victim but believe koit be hannah's 8-year-old brother. >> police are looking for help to find the driver that left the scene of an accident. the victim found around 6:00 a.m. boulevard witnesses say it continued southbound towards
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gruna boulevard. >> police looking for who two men who held up a taco bell restaurant before 10:00 last night. police say the robbers are in their 20s, both had hoodies. with white ban dan yaz covering their faces. bart ask unions talking again tonight. tens of millions are between them. abc 7 news is live in oakland where negotiations continue. cornell? >> that is right smrks reps arrived with luggage packed. pressure building to reach a deal. senators feinstein and boxer issued a statement urging both sides to get together rkt get
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a deal done, now. governor brown ordered a fact finding board. >> we have information to hammer out a deal. our team prepared to stay. >> that won't be easy. both sides are still far apart on terms of a new contract. >> we need agreements on overtime rules and other things but this doesn't mean it can't happen. >> unless there is a break through by sunday it seems inevitable he will order a 60 day cooling off period. a sign the board then issue that had cooling off allowing both sides top reach a deal.
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in cases they have. >> i'm not in agreement. i don't believe we have right to hold passengers hostage. >> a strike could be called by bart unions. >> we'll do our best. we want the public to be warned we asked riders to deliver their own message. >> i would say get it together so we can get to work. >> i think there are great benefits. should probably stop complaining about them. >> don't strike. we need you. >> riders hope someone is listen being. >> breaking news on the peninsula students are being told sti away from windows because of police activity in the area. >> new concerns tonight after
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a gas leak shut down streets in downtown burlingame. pg&e called immediately but no one called burlingame police department until an hour after the accident. the area cleared about 10:00. >> california students took a step back this year but officials say students drop just a fraction of proficiency in math, science and english. the state is switching to national standards. >> this is going to be less multiple choice and a lot more critical thinking. >> there will be improvement after that, is our goal.
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>> the state superintendent blames the results on years of cuts and the switch to the new standards. >> a fire burning in riverside county is now forcing evacuation of 5 hub00 homes burning in banning. abc 7 news is live near twin pines. >> here are the latest numbers. 11,000 acres burned since the fire started about 2:00. 15 structures burned. this is supposed to be the site of a special occasion. but he tells me he's not going to let the fire ruin his wedding day. this is where steve was supposed to get married yesterday. he says after he was evacuated
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he began to watch television and saw his home go up in flames. >> the home didn't bother me that much. it's a teshl thing. the work we put into getting ready for wedding that bothers me. >> so just not knowing how we're going to get that rearranged. >> he told he lost everything including a tuxedo he was going to wear for his wedding. >> what do you need to could do make sure you're going to get married saturday? >> what needs to be done? >> buying clothes. so... that is the main thing it's just coming up with food and clothe autos his 84-year-old father went up to check on the home. he describes how he escaped when the house caught on fire.
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>> both car doors and i took off. i look back. >> the family tells me they're grateful all okay, and that steve's wedding will go ahead as planned. >> how long before the shock of the house being lost to you're getting married this weekend? >> yes we're like what are we going to do for saturday? it's kind of surreal. we'll make it work. >> he tells me he was able to get a new suit, his fiancee tibl get a new dress so the two can get married on saturday. >> sid, thank you.
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>> challenges of fighting crime. >> different types of crimes with internet and technology there are different types of crime these days. we have to adjust accordingly. >> in a story he shares his vision making sure san jess yeah stays one of the safest big cities. >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. our weather pattern winding down. i'll show you what is coming our way next in just a moment. as
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first stage of the saddle retro fit got underway today the start of a fix for the span supposed to open next month that is not happening.
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the saddles being fabricated now. the entire system fix is expected to be complete in december. >> it was than the long ago san jose was dubbed nation's safest big city. for several years in a flow. a story only on abc 7 news matt keller sits dwoun a plan for keeping san jose safe. >> larry wears his badge. he was appointed acting chief in january. he worked at the police department 27 and a half years he did not apply for the chief's job because he was under the impression city leaders wanted a five-year commitment. he appears open to the
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possibility. >> well that, is a decision boy have to have with city manager also what they want in terms of maybe there is something we can work on. i haven't had that z >> a spokesman is happy with the per fofsh -- performance. >> you have to wait for now. >> yes. >> the police department needs to fill a lot of position frtz top down. there are 900 officers patrolling a city of a million people. >> our strain if we can get up to 1109 if we can get more. >> the number declined so has morale within ranks. 63 recruits are in the
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training program. officers continue to leave as unprecedented levels. another 23 retirements is about the same pace as last yefr's record levels. escovel hopes the city council will move forward. >> i am hoping there is give back to keep our people, whatever that percentage plays out that, is important. so they can afford to stay and live here, work here. >> the acting chief put much of the energy into the plan focusing on gangs. it appears to be working. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> you can watch the entire interview we posted it online for you. just go to abc 7
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-- abc 7 >> last night a community meeting, an opportunity for viewers to talk with us about events. last night's discussion hosted by vic lee and attended by the abc 7 management team. among topics was how the asian american community needs to be celebrated and the import yabs of honoring unsung heroes in the community. formal fong talked about his organization. it will be honored in september. >> it spends so much time for people to educate in single room occupancy.
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>> thanks to everyone it was a great discussion. go to our community page. we'll get stories on the?ire we have a update on breaking news in orinda. you can see it's still burning but this is so under contrailer we've seen firefighters on the ground here. yes. >> doesn't look like a problem. no homes threatened. >> let's check on the forecast. >> been a pleasant week, today sunnier than yesterday. that is encouraging sign. here is a lack at live doppler 7 hd. some low clouds and mainly sunny everywhere else. up to the north well north of hay port we've had thunderstorms breaking out this afternoon. we said would be the case.
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there have been lightning strike was those storms. there are lightning strikes and main concern triggering a red flag warning. for this area on the northern so we'll continue to monitor the situation there for you going into afternoon hours, tomorrow, looking live at the golden gate bridge. just away from the golden gate we've got clouds. temperatures 61 degrees in san francisco. another live view looking towards golden gate you can see clouds off shore there. 73 in napa. 77 in livermore, one more live view from mount tam looking towards ocean beach.
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the coast beginning to push beyond the coast. forecast features are these. low clouds and fog returning tonight. warmer for weekend as gradual warm up starts to build. taking a look at satellite image you can see that low with its pool of cooler air brought us cooler than normal weather this week. this pool is keeping temperatures inland below average. circulation bringing up mild air from south which is raising our coastal temperatures so inland temperatures below average. that low going to pull away. as it does so we'll see temperatures increasing inland areas around the bay area. and we'll have temperatures approaching seasonal norms next week. san jose a milder one so far
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but we'll see mid to upper 70s. low skploudz fog maybe some coastal drizzle. lows into upper 50s. highs in the south bay. mid-70s for the most part. mid-60s on the coast. 65 downtown tomorrow. mid-70s in the north bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-80s inland on sunday and monday. thank you very much. >> just ahead consider rap the forestar of education. a teacher turns to pop culture to make learning stick. >> concerts not what they used to be. how technology is change festivals for vans and for the musicians. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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more breaking news in southern california we're live over a wildfire burning in san bernardino county 20 miles west of the other big fire in riverside county. this one is burning in the san gabriel mountains so far, 30 acres burned. it's burning in steep terrain. difficult to access we do understand there are some evacuations in the community of wrightwood. >> let's take to you oakland now. some 7th graders using a video to show off science skills the students wrote and performed this song about dna part of teacher tom mcfadden's
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new approach. his methods part of a push to boost science education among minorities. you can see the video on abc 7 i wish they were doing that when i was a kid.
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coming up at 6:00 big battle in a small town. the fight over a freeway bypass critics say is just a waste of taxpayer money. >> also safety upgrades being made on the new bay bridge and cao know about the project. >> and going in depth on security policies. swreelt stories and more coming up for you on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> here a minnesota man said
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it's amazing not to have to worry about money again. >> lucky him. paul white won more than $149 million in the power ball drawing. >> yes. white and his family met with the media today. he said he would take the cash option meaning take home would be $86 mill yichblt piz parents get first crack. >> they don't need my money or help, but i mean, imagine saying go pick out a your own car, your own house, whatever you want. it's amazing. just to have that opportunity. >> california had winning tickets. nice to be paul white.
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this is "world news." tonight, to the rescue, intense floods in the heartland and high drama as a baby is cradled to safety by firefighters along with her parents who sought safety in the attic. other people calling for help from their roofs and the top of their cars. crash news. can your small car stand up in a collision? tonight the fbi opens a cold case when this man learning a stunning secret about himself. barbara walters here asking for your help to solve the mystery. real money. grab your cell phones. we're going to put hundreds of dollars in your pockets in minutes tonight. and a good evening to you,


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